Are You Looking for a Car Rental Service in St Barts?

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Are You Looking for a Car Rental Service in St Barts?

Are you touring St Barts in the Caribbean French Territory and need a car to rent? Maurice Car Rental in St Barts is your go-to partner. They have a variety of cars, ranging from Jeep to Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Hyundai. If you want a 4-wheel drive, convertible, or luxury car, the car rental service has it all in-store.


It is one of the best touring vehicles in Maurice Car Rental in St Barts. The car rental service has Audi A3 convertible, Q3 S Line Quattro and Q5 S Line Quattro. If you want to feel the thrill and experience the Caribbean weather, get the A3 convertible. For those who are after luxury, speed and long drives, the Q3 and Q5 stand out. Also, family drives within the islands work best with either the Q3 or Q5.

Audis are renowned for quality, comfort, speed and stability. It guarantees seamless fun, unmatched experience and an awesome drive. Try them out and witness out-of-the-world driving thrill.


If you want to traverse the St Barts terrain, you need a Jeep Wrangler. It is an off-road car with a hard body and good off-ground clearance. For an off-road car, it is more comfortable compared to others in its league. It not only guarantees performance but also efficiency.

You can choose between the Wrangler Hard Top and Convertible. The Hard Top is ideal for long family drives, while the convertible works well with short distances, especially along the coastline. It is spacious and can accommodate 5 people and still spare enough room for the luggage.


It is not as common as other car brands, but Hyundai is one of the most reliable cars. With every Hyundai brand at Maurice Car Rental in St Barts, you get variety, comfort and space. They have I 10 and I 20 for a budget cruise in St Barts. They can accommodate 5 people for a short afternoon drive along the coastline.

They also have SUVs which are ideal for luxury, long drives. The Santa Fe, Tucson Sunroof and Kona are some of the high-end Hyundai rental cars. They guarantee comfort, sleekness, long drives and space. A family of 5 and their luggage can comfortably fit, leaving enough legroom.

Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes Benz is one of the most luxurious car brands ever built. You get comfort, class, car stability, security and luxury. Maurice Car Rentals has top-range Mercedes Benz SUVs, the GLA 4Matic, GLB SUV, GLE Coupe Lux and the GLC SUV. If you are a VIP visiting the Caribbean, these SUVs guarantee your security as you enjoy the hospitality and warm weather.

These SUVs are ideal for long family drives. They can comfortably carry 5 people and their luggage. The sunroof allows the fresh flow of Caribbean breeze while its accessories make the whole cruising memorable and worthwhile.


Maurice Car Rentals also houses the Volkswagen, one of the most comfortable salon cars. Thanks to its stability and engine powers, they have power and can handle both short and long drives. With different Volkswagen brands coming up, Maurice Car Rental Services will add more cars to their fleet.

Currently, the car rental service has the T-Roc Convertible, which is ideal for short trips, especially along the coastline. It can accommodate 4 people, although 2 people are ideal. Since it doesn’t have luggage space, the car is only useful to people who want to enjoy a town cruise.


With electric cars taking the market by storm, Maurice Car Rental has SMART For Two Convertible EQ in its collection. It can carry only 2 people, making it ideal for lovebirds out on a honeymoon. If you also want to enjoy the island alone, the SMART is your go-to mode of transport. The world is embracing electric vehicles as they are less pollutants and are comfortable to drive.

Getting a convertible means enjoying the island’s breeze and feeling the wind in your hair. Since the island is not vast, it suits the purpose. It is also economical, modern and modest, making it worthwhile.

Other car brands on Maurice Car Rentals include

  • Suzuki Jimny Auto – ideal for a short family cruise
  • Seat Ateca FR – a crossover 4X4 SUV ideal for long family drives.
  • Mini Cooper Convertible – ideal for 2 or family short trips
  • Porsche Macan – is listed as one of the most luxurious SUV vehicles. It is spacious, secure, quality and fast. Ideal for family long drives and speed thrills.

Why Maurice Car Rentals Stands Out in St Barts

The rental car costs are inclusive of taxes and any other liability. When you pick up the car, everything is catered for. You get to enjoy the drives uninterrupted.

As long as you have paid the rental cost, the service does not limit the car’s mileage. You get to explore the island uninterrupted.

You get to experience the variety of the car collection. Whether you come as a family, spouse or have luggage, Maurice Car Rental has every car your need.