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If you are well versed with the modern era there is no doubt that you have heard about airbnb. This  is one of the most successful digital startup in the tourism sector. Airbnb is a marketplace where individuals can rent living space for a short period of time. This is usually for the purpose of tourism. Therefore Airbnb now plays a critical role in the tourism sector.

Airbnb history

Airbnb was founded by former schoolmates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia after they moved to San Francisco. They had come up with an idea to put an air mattress in their apartment and rent it out as an breakfast and bed.  They  figured that there where some people who couldn’t afford to rent a hotel room. So instead they  could rent them a small part of their living  room. During the industrial design conference the company had its first customers.

After the company entered the startup incubator Y combinator they started gaining more traction and expanding.

Using Airbnb for tourism

Most tourists that travel on a budget are actually looking for good deals. Some tourists are traveling for research purposes so they can’t afford to spend money staying in a hotel. They can simply rent a single room in someone’s house.   Airbnb has a diverse list of living arrangements. Starting from sharing a room with other tourists to renting a full house. Renting a full house is perfect for people who are traveling with family members.

Airbnb experiences

Airbnb nowadays offers other services such as experiences. This allows tourists to pay in order to attend house parties and other exciting attraction. Other experiences include games and sports. These experiences are meant to enhance the tourist experience for most people. Remember to avoid doing dangerous stuff when going for adventure during your vacation.