Best cities to visit

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Best cities to visit

There are some cities that you definitely visit once in your life. Some of them are actually cheap to visit. Other cities will require you to have a bit of cash in your bag if you intend to visit them for a long period. Tourism is a fascinating phenomenon. Over the years it has become popular as the prices for flights and accommodation have gone down. This has happened due to increased competition among different companies.  Long ago they were fewer holiday rental locations but with the advent of trip advisor and Airbnb, this business is now more competitive than ever before.

I will suggest a few cities that have incredible sites to visit. Some of these cities are actually not famous at all.

Cities to visit on a budget 


If you are traveling on a budget then I will suggest that you visit these cities:

Chiang mai: This city has become very famous among digital nomads. This is due to the fact that it has many amazing amenities at an affordable cost. You can actually live in this city comfortably on $600 dollars. However if you want to visit amazing places and eat incredible cuisine I  suggest you increase that budget to $1000.

Manila: Manila is located in the Philippines and it is one of those cities that you can visit if your budget is under stress. Another advantage about manila is the fact that most people in the area speak good English. So communication with locals won’t be difficult.

Johannesburg: Another incredible city to travel to on a budget is Johannesburg in South Africa. Unfortunately this city is ripe with crime and you  will need to watch yourself. However there are amazing attractions to see in this city at a very low cost. You can find some Airbnb rentals  for just $400 a month.