The Raptors at Church and State Winery

There is a wonderful new attraction in Victoria BC. Yesterday we went to a preview of The Raptors at Church and State Winery, close to the Butchart Gardens, and were so impressed. We hope every single guest of ours will go to see these birds of prey because they will not be disappointed.

The Raptors, Church and State WineryWe saw a peregrine falcon, a charming owl (“Ollie”), a not-so charming turkey vulture, two hawks and a young bald eagle. Imagine sitting and seeing one of these magnificent birds flying straight at you then passing just overhead. It was thrilling! While the eagle was flying around we saw a wild adult bald eagle above; a happy combination of wild and semi-wild in their natural environment.

We were informed about their behaviour and personalities in a most engaging way by Robyn. For example, did you know that the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest creature in the world, having been clocked at 300 kilometres per hour?

Do plan to visit the winery and take in this special demonstration which takes place several times a day. You can enjoy a glass of their award winning wines outside as you watch the birds flying over the vineyard. There are 18 in total whose flying over the vines acts as an effective pest bird control.

Take the pretty ten minute drive from Gazebo Bed and Breakfast to the Butchart Gardens and in that short distance you will pass all these Victoria attractions: 10 attractions in a 10 minute drive!
- four wineries (Starling Lane, Dragonfly Hill, DeVine and Church & State),
- one distillery (Victoria Spirits),
- Butterfly Gardens,
- The Raptors,
- Gowlland Tod Provincial Park,
- the Butchart Gardens,
- and a short detour takes you to the Centre of the Universe.
There’s so much to see and do in this tiny part of the Saanich Peninsula!


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