Can I Rent a Yacht in the South of France?

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Can I Rent a Yacht in the South of France?

Yachts are the most luxurious transport vessels ever built. You can not only use it to move from place to place, but also live on it or use it for business transactions. The serenity at sea provides the perfect environment to relax. To answer the question, you can rent a yacht in the south of France for as low as €460,000 per month.

They come in different sizes and designs, depending on the manufacturer. However, even the oldest of them all has undergone modification to measure up to the contemporary standards. Sample out the one you would like, and agree on the price based on the duration.

Elements to Consider When Renting a Yacht in the Southern France



How long the yacht is determines the spacing of its amenities. There are those as long as 86 metres which give you the legroom to manoeuvre. The length of the yacht also determines its worth based on the cost per square metre.
Also, there is prestige in the vessel’s length; the longer it is, the more comfortable it is.


It is the total number of people the yacht can accommodate on board. This is the number of passengers and crew on the yacht. Of the vessels listed for rent in South France, the biggest has 36 crew with 32 passengers and 16 cabins. Interestingly, is that it is not the biggest in size. The comparison opens up the discussion of quantity over size.


By extension, the yacht with the biggest capacity has the largest number of cabins. They accommodate more people at a go, which makes it ideal for a large entourage. If you have a smaller group, then go for commensurate cabins.


How much you have also affects the type of yacht you can go for. Bigger vessel costs more since they have bigger and better amenities. However, if you can compromise on quality but go for quantity, you can get a good deal.

Also, renting a yacht for a longer time makes the deal better. You benefit from economies of scale; getting a lower daily rate compared to a shorter leasing period.

Yacht Available to Rent in South France


M/Y Chakra

Built in 1963 by Devonport but remodelled in 2017, this cruise yacht is one the most luxurious on the entire Mediterranean coast. Although relatively smaller than the other, its set-up oozes luxury and excellent service. Its maximum speed is 14 knots, and it frequently cruises to the Middle East in the winter.

M/Y Saluzi

It is a 2003 Austal yacht, holding at least 32 guests at a go. The yacht is common along the Indian Ocean route up to Australasia. Its maximum speed is 14 knots and can cost you €80,000 per day.

M/Y Serenity

Manufactured in 2004, this Austal built yacht is one of the best in its category. It last underwent an upgrade in 2017 and costs €550,000 per week. The vessel can hold 30 cruising guests with 100 on the quayside.

M/Y Eminence

This yacht is built for luxury and only accommodates 12 guests. Needless to say, it is among the most expensive, charged at €133,335 per day. Its summer cruising destination goes as far as the Caribbean and Bahamas.

M/Y Icon

Built in 2010, it is among the latest ships from the ICON brand. It can accommodate 14 cruising guests, alongside 90 others on the quayside. Icon is popular along the Mediterranean Sea, both during winter and summer.

M/Y Legend

Legend is among the biggest yacht in Southern France. It can hold up to 150 quayside guests, besides the 36 cruising. Made by ICON in 1974, the yacht underwent maintenance in 2015 to upgrade it to contemporary standards.


You can rent a yacht in the south of France. However, consider capacity, speed and cost.