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Winter in Victoria British Columbia - our B&B gardens

Winter in Victoria British Columbia is known for its mildness and general lack of snow, despite the scenes here. Some winters our B&B gardens are barely covered so snow is something of a novelty.

Victoria BC B & B     Victoria BC in winter

Occasional winters in Victoria defy this average mildness, thus these photos. The first scene below is more typical of a winters day though grey gloom is more likely. The middle photograph is a favourite of ours showing the terrace at the B&B.

Winter in Victoria British Columbia Victoria B&B winter gardens Snow in Victoria BC

The left view below is from the manor house looking towards the gazebo and the Garden Cottage. Left of the snow-covered birdbath is a collage showing that colour will return in the spring in our Victoria B & B gardens.

 Victoria Canada snow Victoria BC B&B Birdbath in the snow
Click on the central image to see it larger.

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Victoria's Country Retreat ... serenity near the Butchart Gardens

(Victoria B & B near the Butchart Gardens - winter in Victoria British Columbia page)

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