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Victoria information - a travel FAQ page to search for answers to BC tourism questions.

This is, we hope, an easy convenient way for you to obtain information about Victoria or about our bed and breakfast. It will point you to the answers to common questions (an FAQ page). It is like a sitemap but is designed for humans not for search engines!

Our website is comprehensive but this has the disadvantage that you may miss the Victoria travel information you need. Here, just look for the topic and click on the link.

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BC Travel (and travelling to Canada)

Do I need a passport for my trip?
Where is practical information like money, taxes, holidays, driving?
I want to see area maps.
Ferry maps.
What ferry services operate (for cars or foot passengers)?
Which airlines service Victoria?
Where can I rent a car?
Can you recommend accommodation elsewhere for my trip?

Victoria information

What weather can I expect?
Special events during my visit.
We'd like to take some driving tours of the area.
Where do you recommend for afternoon tea?
Do you have a Victoria restaurant guide?

Attractions in Victoria

What attractions does Victoria offer?
Where are they?
Where can we find out about the Butchart Gardens?
Are there other gardens to visit?
We want to visit some wineries.
Where can I play golf?
Can you recommend whale-watching?
What about kayaking, sailing or fishing?
Are there hiking trails, parks and beaches nearby?
Arts and cultural events.
Do you offer packages?

Gazebo Bed and Breakfast

Where are you located?
I want to print directions to reach you.
Please describe your guest rooms.
What amenities are provided?
What are your policies, including cancellation?
Do you accept children or pets at the bed and breakfast?
What is served in the inclusive breakfast?
Are Specials ever offered?
Tell me about your spa services.
How do I order a Gift Certificate?
How do I make a reservation?

Victoria's Country Retreat ... serenity near the Butchart Gardens
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