Victoria Restaurants - a dining guide

Our dining guide to Victoria restaurants offers a selection you may consider on your visit. Victoria BC has the second highest number of restaurants per capita in North America! With over 300 Victoria restaurants to choose from we are listing below a varied cross-section: from fine dining to Victoria pubs. Most are downtown - see the Local Restaurants page for restaurants in Victoria which are nearer our bed and breakfast.

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Victoria restaurants

West Coast Dining

Camilles Restaurant, 45 Bastion Square, Victoria (1-250 381-3433), Fine dining in a casual atmosphere of candlelight, jazz and soft blues. The diverse menu includes vegetarian food, fresh seafood and wild game.


Brasserie L'Ecole, 1715 Government Street, Victoria (1-250 475-6260), A French bistro/brasserie with French country-style influences.

Paprika Bistro, 2524 Estevan Avenue, Oak Bay (1-250 592-7424),  A neighbourhood bistro whose influences include Hungarian family recipes and the Slow Food movement.

Bon Rouge, 611 Courtney Street, Victoria (1-250 220-8008), A new bistro and boulangerie with West Coast influences.

The Superior
Near Fisherman's Wharf with live music nightly. Small plates a speciality.

Pescatores, 614 Humboldt Street, Victoria (1-250 385-4512), Downtown fish house specialises in fine seafood with a grill for diversity.

Nautical Nellies, 1001 Wharf Street, Victoria (1-250 380-2260), A steak and seafood house overlooking Victoria's Inner Harbour.

A former chandlers in a heritage building now serving seafood and steak

Barb's Place, Fisherman's Wharf, Erie Street, James Bay (1-250 384-6515), Victoria fish and chips - on open-air picnic tables at Fisherman's Wharf. You can take a water taxi there from the Inner Harbour.

Mediterranean/European Cuisine

Il Terrazzo, 555 Johnson Street, Victoria (1-250 361-0028), Dine in a courtyard in the old-town, savouring Northern Italian food with wood-oven pizza and roasted meats, home-made pasta and also West Coast seafood.

Cafe Brio, 944 Fort Street, Victoria (1-866 270-5461), Enjoy fine Meditteranean cuisine in a Neo-Renaissance decor. Menus have helpful wine suggestions. Also dine alfresco on the patio.

Restaurant Matisse, 512 Yates Street, Victoria (1-250 480-0883), A romantic Parisian-style restaurant set within warm surroundings. The menu of classic French cuisine also includes a fixed price menu.

Zambris, 110-911 Yates Street, Victoria (1-250 360-1171), Casual Italian ambience with finesse. One option is a three course chef's tasting menu.


Barkley's, 777 Douglas Street, Victoria (1-250 382-7111), Elegant dining offering more than just steaks.

Vegetarian Food

Rebar, 50 Bastion Square, Victoria (1-250 361-9223), ReBar Modern Food includes an extensive juice bar.

Victoria pubs

Bartholomew's Bar, 777 Douglas Street, Victoria (1-250 388-5111). English-style pub.

Six Mile Pub, 494 Old Island Highway, Colwood (1-250 478-3121), The oldest pub in British Columbia. Nice character.

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub, 308 Catherine Street, Victoria, BC (1-250 386-2739),

Casual Dining

John's Place
A diner-style Victoria restaurant; for a quick bite.

Sam's Deli, 805 Government Street, Victoria (1-250 382-8424), Handy for soup and sandwich downtown.

Modern Food

Temple Restaurant, 525 Fort Street, Victoria (1-250 383-2313), An older traditional building yet contempory decor and food for dining in Victoria.

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Victoria's Country Retreat ... serenity near the Butchart Gardens

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