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- click to download a free screensaver. You will then have a collection of over 100 garden images constantly changing on your screen. These ever-changing fascinating effects are great fun! All images are from photographed in our bed and breakfast gardens. Note that the file is large so will take a while to download, but we think it's well worthwhile.

Simple instructions: click on the link above, then, when asked, click Run, then click Install (in the wizard) followed by clicking Finish. You now have a screensaver - you can determine the frequency of image changes and the period after which it turns on.

Click to view our - bed and breakfast slideshow featuring the manor house, rooms and cottage.
                           - gardens slideshow featuring our own gardens.
                           - Victoria slideshow featuring Victoria area attractions.
(The files will take a little time to download.)

Simple instructions: click on the thumbnails below to view the full-sized wallpaper. To apply, either right-click and select 'Set as Desktop Background' or save the image and select it when you choose your desktop background.







Not a download, but ...

We enjoyed the company of a Dutch couple in the early summer of 2008. We never ask guests about their occupations but discovered that Mick was both a photographer and a marine biologist. That 's your clue. The question is - what is in this photo he took in the Victoria area? Click on it to find the answer.

Deep Cove Victoria
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