Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 - stay in a BnB

To stay in a BnB affords extra value at a time when everyone is taking extra care with personal expenditures. We wrote about this in a recent blog and it was re-inforced by an advertisement being placed in the WestJet flight magazine by three Victoria bed and breakfast associations.

The advert speaks of the many complimentary services offered by bed and breakfasts rather than hotels but also rightly wrote that "personal service, comforts and extra efforts are always included".

We are reminded of this when we look through the comments written in our guest books last year and in the preceding ten years. It is a heart-warming experience to read of such appreciative comments. It's also an encouragement to realise that we have personally contributed to making their stay in Victoria a memorable one.

So as we approach the 2009 BnB season we do so with some apprehension, not expecting last year's record occupancy rates, yet with the knowledge that we will be providing our guests with a wonderful break from their daily lives. We look forward to meeting our 2009 guests!

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