Friday, August 7, 2009

The Gazebo

The Gazebo Bed and Breakfast was an obvious name for our B and B in Victoria when we opened way back in the last century (it seems like that, as indeed it was). The house had been used as a tearoom for the previous 19 years, named The Gazebo Tearoom. We remember bringing friends here for lunch naturally not realising its future role in our lives. At that time there was an octagonal wooden gazebo in the gardens housing a large bird cage.

This gazebo was probably built no later than 1979 so after 30 years exposure to the elements it was well past its prime. With some reluctance, we tore it down this spring though not until we had purchased a satisfactory replacement which fitted the concrete foundation very nicely. We wanted something open and welcoming. Two chairs and a small table are inside along with plant containers giving a splash of colour. Its metal frame is still a little stark but two clematis are climbing up it and a new flower bed next to the gazebo will soon mature. It will be a nice spot to enjoy an evening glass of wine or a good book.
After all, the Gazebo Bed and Breakfast could not exist without a gazebo!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter in Victoria

Easter in Victoria looks like being beautiful after our unusually long winter. I suppose any journalist with a regular feature to write runs dry of ideas. This was true for this blog post until the day dawned with wonderfully warming sunsine. At last Spring can begin. Our tulips are barely buds but that may change by Easter.

Victoria in the Spring is delightful. As well as floral beauty there are charming walks (four guests went for a hike on Whiffen Spit today and loved it). There are easter church services, a chess festival, easter egg hunts, a performing arts festival, an exhibit about the Vikings, live jazz as well as all the usual places to explore: see the Victoria Attractions page on our website.

By Easter Sunday we hope for a little resurrction of our own here. The old gazebo had to be dismantled and a new one will replace it. As our namesake, we really did have to ensure that it remained in one form or another. Maybe a photo of it will appear next time.

Until then, Happy Easter.
Linda and Martin.

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