Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Victoria Spa Package

The new Spa Package is the latest addition to our range of packages.
We see packages as a convenience for our guests who wish to have a selection of activities and goodies pre-arranged. This we are happy to do. Other people prefer to have just one or two elements of the packages and we can help them plan this. Then, others like to discuss possible options with us after they arrive. The choice is yours.

If a bed and breakfast spa package appeals, then you will enjoy two (one apiece) endless relaxation full-body massages (I can verify that they are wonderfully soothing), a fruit and cheese tray with sparkling wine or apple juice, local Victoria chocolates, fresh flowers and a selection of Silk Road spa products to take home. The total cost is Cdn$310 + 5% GST, in addition to your room rates. A two night minimum stay applies.

Others on our website include two romance packages, a gardens package and a whale-watching package.

If you prefer just to have a massage or other treatments then take a look at our Victoria massages page - there are two massages, body scrubs, facials, manicures and pedicures from qualified therapists. Please remember to book ahead so that we can arrange an appointment with them. If you take a massage we suggest you plan a relaxing couple of hours afterwards to savour the deep calming you will be enjoying.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Breakfast at a bed and breakfast

Breakfast needs to be set up very soon in the Morning Room where our bed and breakfast guests will enjoy the break from their fast tomorrow morning. So before doing this I thought a quick breakfast blog entry was in order.

Attending a trade show last weekend I stayed in a hotel for its convenient proximity. Overnight parking cost $12 and the breakfast was over-priced. Oh to be in a bed and breakfast with free parking and a free full breakfast!

So before I load our dining table with all the accoutrements that make our breakfast table so elegant I thought a little background might be of interest.

The Morning Room (read Dining Room) receives the morning sun so, poetically, one might describe rays of morning sun glancing across the table but I will refrain from that. The furnishings are a blend of antique Canadian heirlooms and more contemporary items like botanical tapestries. Elegant glass and silver add sparkle. Flowers vay according to the seasons. All this is set up the previous evening and necessary preliminary kitchen preparations made.

In the morning Linda and I silently (always) enjoy our coffeee, toast and marmalade (what else for an Englishman?) before turning to the baking, blending, cooking etc. You can see a sample of typical results on the breakfast page of our B&B website. It is tasty and nutritious, "setting up" our guests for the days excursions. A few recipes are also on the website including our favoured Fruit Fool which also makes for a quick yummy dessert.

We hope you will be able to enjoy it soon too!

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