Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas in Victoria

Although we are closed over Christmas and the New Year (for a welcome break!) Victoria has much to offer its visitors. We have made our annual trip to The Butchart Gardens to see their fabulous pretty Magic of Christmas lights. Features include a skating rink, carol singers and musicians and their Twelve Days of Christmas displays. Their gift shop is one of the best in town, even with a Santa Claus tapestry for sale.

On another evening we went downtown to the Inner Harbour for a parade of lit ships. In the background we enjoyed the 3,333 lights of the Parliament Buildings - I'll put up a photo of this on our website "sometime" soon.

A day-time trip of note in the weeks prior to Christmas is to wander alongside the creek at Goldstream Park. In the upper regions the salmon are spawning; a fascinating though smelly experience. Lower down a flood plain opens up to view eagles drawn by an easy supper.

Linda and I would like to take this opportunity to wish our past guests (and indeed future ones!) a very happy Christmas.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Autumn colours in Victoria

Just over a year ago we replanted most of a large raised bed in front of our Victoria bed and breakfast. Our neighbour, a Master Gardener who lectures at Glendale Gardens, advised us about the four new trees which would be the focal points. Only last month did we realise just how good her advice was: their autumnal colours were magnificent, each different shades of burnt orange, yellow, red and plum. We have always enjoyed our Japanese maples and these add to our respect for them.

With December now here they are bare of leaves but one will retain rich red bark all winter. We try to make our gardens interesting all year round though the spring and summer are clearly of greatest delight in our Victoria climate. We have cleared most of the millions of leaves which fall each year (oh for just one cent for each one!) and enjoying less gardening for a change.

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