The Butchart Gardens fireworks

The Butchart Gardens fireworks are a highlight for many of our guests during the summer. They are held on Saturday evenings in July and August and take place after the evening concert.

We have been several times over the years but yesterday saw them quite differently, and for free. You can too.

After a wonderful relaxed dinner at the home of friends in Brentwood Bay¬†overlooking the Saanich Inlet we strolled down to one of the marina docls. (You might like to dine at Blue’s Bayou overlooking the Inlet.) The Butchart Gardens were the other side, no great distance away. Numerous boats were idling around with the same object in mind.

The Butchart Gardens fireworksWhat we saw were the edited highlights. The emphasis here is on “high lights”, ie those fireworks which exploded above the trees. The accompanying music was barely audible but we could picture the scene in the Gardens: thousands of people sitting on a slope above the lake where static and moving pyrotechnic displays produced oohs and aahs. For us the casual community enjoyment of local people enjoying the show in this marine setting was a pleasure, topped by the Butchart Gardens fireworks over the water.¬† A memorable evening!

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