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IMAX Victoria

We recently attended an IMAX film at our local Victoria IMAX theatre. We’ve been several times before but it is always impressive. The screen is over 80 feet wide so, here’s a hint when you attend, do NOT sit at the front – your eye’s will pop out!  There is apparently 12,000 watts of sound; I’ve no idea what that really means but it certainly sounds good. More than one film is offered daily with most being about 45 minutes.

We saw IMAX Hubble which shows footage of the repairs made to the Hubble Telescope. The space-walking sequences and behind-the-scenes views and explanations were fascinating. Then the presentation explored the realms Hubble was built to investigate taking us into the depths of distant galaxies. This was thoroughly mind-boggling.

The Royal BC Museum

The Royal British Columbia Museum is the setting for the IMAX theatre. A visit to the museum will take two or three hours so you can visit one then take a break in the museum cafe before going to the other, making a superb morning or afternoon visit in Victoria.

Royal BC Museum

IMAX is part of the Royal BC Museum

Located near the Victoria’s Inner Harbour the Museum is easy to reach. It is surely one of the best museums in North America – we often tell our bed and breakfast guests how they will really experience what it was like to be in the Ice Age or the pioneer days or within a native village. Don’t forget that it is also a great rainy day attraction (yes, there’s a good reason why Victoria is so green!).

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