Elk Lake and Beaver Lake

Elk Lake and Beaver Lake are really just the one lake, the former being the larger northern body of water.  They are the largest on the Saanich Peninsula, not surprisingly are used by the people of Victoria for diverse recreational activities. The whole park is over 400 hectares.

Gazebo Bed and Breakfast is within a 20 minute walk of Elk Lake, entered by a path down from Forest Hill Road. This is an offshoot of our favourite walk, a 40 minute loop along quiet roads that is always a relaxing pleasure. Alternatively you can drive to several parking lots lakeside.

Beaver Lake on the Saanich Peninsula

Beaver Lake on the Saanich Peninsula

Last Sunday afternoon four of us decided to take a stroll along part of the path which circles both lakes. As we drew closer to the mid-point we decided we might as well continue as turn back. Guests have often asked us how long it would take to walk around. We did not know the answer but we were soon to find out! Our steady walk with one brief stop at Hamsterly Beach (where we used to swim with our children) took about 2.5 hours.

We enjoyed the variety of scenes as we walked. On the lake were ducks, otters, radio-controlled yachts, a few motor boats, sculls (the Canadian team row here), kayaks. We passed beaches, the Elk Lake rowing centre, an equestrian centre and hopeful fishermen. Our path took us through open grass, light woodland and forest where horses were ridden too.

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