Victoria BC summer events

Festivals and events in Victoria are always a welcome “plus” for your visit here. You come to Victoria BC for its local beauty, its climate, its attractions or whatever it may be …  and then you discover that there’s a great festival happening – a bonus!

Whenever we travel I always search online to see what special events are taking place where we will visit. As a result we may even adjust our itinerary a little. So here is a quick summary of some of the main Victoria events this coming summer.

The Butchart Gardens Fireworks

The Butchart Gardens Fireworks

From May to September there are special summer events in Victoria lasting from one day to several months in duration.

Some one day events: Canadian or BC provincial holidays may have a parade, fireworks and special activities throughout the area. Then there’s the annual Symphony Splash concert in the Inner Harbour on just one evening, 31st July 2011.

There are regular events on one evening a week like the Sidney Summer Market on Thursday evenings or the Butchart Gardens fireworks on Saturday nights.

Thirdly, some festivals last a week or two like the new Victoria Buskers Festival in late July, the August Dragon Boat Festival and the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, to name a few.

Lastly, a few events run for some months, eg at the Royal BC Museum whose principal exhibit is Emily Carr: On the Edge of Nowhere. From 15th June until 15th September don’t miss the wonderful Butchart Gardens illuminations.

You will find lots of helpful information about all these on our website too. Get planning!

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