Whale watching in Victoria

Whale watching in Victoria is unquestionably one of the highlights for many people when visiting the capital of British Columbia. Along with a visit to the Butchart Gardens whale-watching should be considered very seriously when planning one’s travel itinerary.

Victoria BC whale-watching

Victoria BC whale-watching

Fortunately the “season” to see orcas in the waters around Vancouver Island coincide with the summer tourist season. Even in the late summer and early autumn there are excellent sightings not only of killer whales but also of migrating sea lions and humpback whales.  You will also see many other species of marine life on the water. The three local pods, ie families, of orcas total nearly 90 whales with transient pods passing by.

Consequently there is a good likelihood of success on your trip. Eagle Wing Tours, for example, have a 95% success rate. Their boats are fast and deep-hulled for an exhilerating and surprisingly smooth trip, able to reach orcas where slower vessels fail. However do not book before you arrive since the whales may be distant or sea conditions inclement – we will check this when you arrive and help set a time most likely to result in a wonderful trip whale watching in Victoria.

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