Let the Sun Shine

Let the Sun Shine may convey a song from a musical (if you are of such an age) but to residents of Victoria it has been a strong wish for weeks and weeks. The weather in Victoria has been so disappointing. When, oh when, will the sun shine – not for brief spell but for a consistent reliable period of time.

We had a mild winter and spring and still temperatures remain low and the rain continues to fall. We have felt sorry for our visitors to Victoria but they’ve nearly always accepted it philosophically. If you are planning to visit Victoria console yourself, as we do, with the thought that summer must start soon. We did enjoy a lovely day yesterday so I took this photo of the welcoming entrance to Gazebo Bed and Breakfast. As you can see, the rhododendrons have enjoyed the cool damp weather.

Rhododendrons in Victoria

Rhododendrons in Victoria

These may be handy – view a 10 day Victoria weather forecast in Fahrenheit or a 14 day Victoria weather forecast in Celcius. Also see a summary of average daily maximum temperatures in Victoria.

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