Victoria flower count

The record Victoria Flower Count this spring may be long over but we are still counting our own blossoms. It is a long process to dead-heat all the rhododendrons in our B&B gardens since some have finished blooming while others are still tight buds. Once the blossoms have died we set to work removing this years colourful displays to encourage greater floral growth next year.

We have an “island” bed in front of the hour around which cars can drive within the large parking area. It houses a splendid selection of trees and shrubs including the two adjoining rhododendrons you see below. Our question to you is: how many blossoms (ie blooming heads) are there here?

Victoria flower count

Victoria flower count - rhododendrons

The number is at the end of this post. Each has to be plucked individually. The overall work involved is evident by the fact that we have about 75 rhododendrons in the acre of gardens. In mid-April we visited Playfair Park, one of our favourite Victoria gardens, where there are very large rhododendrons so we are always grateful not to have to dead-head those.

Each year is different in its gardening challenges. This year a tree at the back has tried to multiply itself many hundreds of times – we’ve almost finished tugging out the four inch baby trees popping up extensively. So when guests come and “ooh and aah” about the bed and breakfast gardens it is not always the obvious displays that involve the work but it is gratifying that it is appreciated nonetheless. (Answer: 1,582.)

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